Cyberbacker VS Virtual Assistant

Cyberbacker VS Virtual Assistant - Cyberbacker PH

I know you’re reading this because you want to look into the buzz of what seems to be a great addition to the economy in this generation of booming businesses and rising entrepreneurs. I’m also thinking you’re here because you want to choose convenience. By this, I mean, no commute, working in your sweats and being with your families. I know. I heard you. That’s what this is all about. Read along. Trust me, you’ll get what you’re looking for.

It’s safe to say that at this point we’re all aware of what virtual assistants do since there has been a surge of popularity for this kind of job.  At this point, it’s time to get you introduced to Cyberbackers and what we’re capable of.

Just like any other VA, we provide the same kind of services. However, there are some considerations you would need to know that would eventually make you want to be a Cyberbacker.

Filling in Gaps: Never be jobless again

It’s like a difference with those who run in a marathon between a sprinter and a pacer. So sprinters are going to run hard, walk for a few miles, run hard, and walk for a couple more. While a pacer is consistent, on track, and they know exactly where they’re going to end up,” says our CyberAmo, Craig Goodliffe.

With that said, this is exactly the kind of comparison we want you to end up realizing. As a virtual assistant, you could be unsure of your direction, considering that many of them work as contractors with and, if unfortunate, no security in contracts. But as Cyberbackers, you are provided with all the assistance you need from pairing you up with your first client to your next. Cyberbackers know where their money is coming from, they know who their clients are, and they have a plan. If for some reason that client left the business or the agreement of the partnership ended, you still get to keep your job and expect a new contract without thinking of where you’d get your next client. That’s how proactive our company is.

Learn and Earn: Attend free training courses

In Cyberbacker, the learning never stops. We want you to process additional knowledge, and gain a new set of expertise because we don’t want to limit your capabilities. We take in people in the company because we saw potential, and we’re not stopping you from progressing with it, instead, we want you to foster, this time, as a leader. So we provide FREE training programs that help you manage tasks and go beyond your client’s needs. Whereas independent virtual assistants pay to take up these kinds of programs. Of course, paid training courses are investments, but this is already a great factor to consider because let’s face it… what we want here is to find the most practical way possible to lessen our expenses and increase our income. 

This time…

I want you to think things over. I know and believe I’ve given you enough thought as to how great it is to be one of us. You don’t want to be a virtual assistant. You want to be a Cyberbacker, and there’s a big difference. We know you know it. All you need to do is to start with us NOW!