FUN: Making People Feel Alive

Having fun at work

Before it was believed that having a good time at work was considered a hindrance to productivity. When people are having a good time at work, they’re clearly not working. Many companies viewed fun as something that should be restricted and kept outside of working hours. But that’s now old school.

However, in Cyberbacker, it isn’t the case. We have always wanted people to work in a fun setting as we regard it as rewarding. Fun in the office doesn’t have to be limited to specific periods because we believe that it may be incredibly useful to a company. 

I think FUN depends on how you view certain scenarios or events. With Cyberbacker, FUN is not just about the games, contests, or challenges that we usually run weekly, monthly, and quarterly, but it’s also seen in the work environment and the company’s culture. Cyberbackers are fun to be with. I like interacting with them despite being connected virtually. Generally, there is FUN in every opportunity in Cyberbacker.” – RV A., Tiktok Backer


It’s more FUN in Cyberbacker

When people enjoy their work, they are less inclined to make excuses. People who are happy and satisfied with their jobs are also more likely to be healthy, which could eventually lead to fewer sick days and fewer missed workdays. This can help the team as well as the company’s progress. 

In Cyberbacker, we make sure that the people here more seemingly want to come to work every day with a strong belief that the workplace they are provided is an enjoyable environment. RV says, “It’s fun in Cyberbacker because everyone can genuinely feel that the company values and invests in its people. Cyberbacker definitely offers a one-of-a-kind work experience.” And with that said, we couldn’t agree more.


FUN Is the Secret Ingredient

Cyberbacker, being a company that treats its people well, will be more appealing to job seekers as well as potential consumers, which is actually what we aim for. Working at a company where people love their jobs and claim it’s a lot of fun makes people feel good about themselves. Whenever people genuinely love going to work, others want to be a part of it and see if they may benefit from the same positive feeling. 

“My most memorable fun experience here in Cyberbacker is with the SMM Division. Whenever we have meetings or discussions, there will never be a time when you won’t have fun even after a serious discussion. I have yet to experience winning in a game or contest, so maybe that’s something I can look forward to in the future,” RV shares as she recalls experiencing fun in the company. 

It’s not as simple as it appears to bring genuine joy into a workplace. But with everyone’s combined wits and interest in providing fun to the people of the company, adding a hint of a game factor in training and goals help the people enjoy work more. 

Cyberbacker is a company where we value almost everything, but this time we want to put emphasis on having fun. One thing is for sure, together with all the other things in our company, “It’s because of the efforts of Craig Goodlife, our CEO, and the leaders of Cyberbacker that there’s always something to celebrate,” says RV.

You see, in all that was said, you can tell that everything in Cyberbacker is fun. If I were you, don’t just stay where you are and read every word typed in here. Experience it for yourself. All you have to do is START with us.