Cyberbacker Jobs You Can Apply to When You Want to Leave the BPO Industry

It can be a simple decision to quit a job when dealing with an uncooperative team, a toxic business culture, or other challenging circumstances. Still, it may also not be as clear-cut in other cases. You’re in the BPO industry, maybe just starting a few months before turning a year old with the company, or […]

Why Becoming a Cyberbacker is Better than Returning to Your Office Job

The pandemic has had a far more significant impact on our lives than we realize. Its long-term effects have altered traditional health, family, and work approaches as the world adapted to working from home. Presently, limits are easing while vaccine rollout is non-stop. Because of this, a call to return to office-based work started to […]

The Rise of Work-from-Home Dads

Political and civil issues, a global pandemic, prolonged lockdowns, and an unstable economy contributed to the past few chaotic years. It’s understandable if you’ve missed one of the more overlooked revolutions of fathers rethinking their approaches to fatherhood.   While Cyberbacker prides itself on having a lot of vacancies available to job seekers daily, being […]

2022 Cyberbacker Goal: We’re Almost There!

Success does not simply happen. You’ll need to put in a lot of effort and commitment to achieve your company’s goals, and its people play a big part in it.   The most successful companies have motivated and engaged people that know how to communicate and collaborate to achieve their common goals. When making decisions, […]

Balancing Life at Work and at Home as a Cyberbacker Dad

How can a work-at-home dad strike a balance between career and family? The truth is, it’s not always simple. As a father, you probably never anticipated the day when being a provider for your family would pressure your thoughts on what it means to be a good parent. Being a responsible mom or dad had […]

Survive Working from Home through Creative Parenting

Knowing parents’ many responsibilities is more important now than ever, especially if you work from home and are spending time with your family. Are you a partner, a parent, a boss, an employee, or a teammate? A question you might occasionally ask yourself. When the situation calls for it, how do you switch between roles? […]

A Winning Battle of a Working Mother

A mother is a definition of sacrifice, and a working mother is someone who can best understand the art of balancing. She battles how to be a great mother and effectively juggle work and duties at home every day.   Bringing a child into the world is not a favor that mothers do. She decided […]

Celebrations Beyond Work: Celebrating Cyberbacker

Celebrations Beyond Work Celebrating Cyberbacker - Cyberbacker Philippines Work From Home

A wonderful feeling can come from celebrating a milestone such as an anniversary, a birthday, or when you first learned to ride a bike. It gets even better when someone else witnesses and acknowledges our accomplishments. This holds true at work as well. Celebrating accomplishments can promote self-esteem and motivation. Appreciation can also contribute to […]

Making A Career Choice: Passion VS. Money

Making A Career Choice Passion VS. Money - Cyberbacker

Making A Career Choice: Passion VS. Money While it could be more necessary for some of you to do what you love. That one thing is not only your passion, but it will also almost certainly lead to a high-paying profession. While others’ passions are less likely to be financially rewarding right away. Having a job that […]

Establish Balance: Live to Work VS Work to Live

Establish Balance: Live to Work VS Work to Live

Establish Balance: Live to Work VS Work to Live “If you love what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life!” Baby boomers taught their children to choose a job where they feel passionate about despite the fact that many of them chose secure jobs that paid well but didn’t match their initial […]