Celebrations Beyond Work: Celebrating Cyberbacker

Celebrations Beyond Work Celebrating Cyberbacker - Cyberbacker Philippines Work From Home

A wonderful feeling can come from celebrating a milestone such as an anniversary, a birthday, or when you first learned to ride a bike. It gets even better when someone else witnesses and acknowledges our accomplishments. This holds true at work as well. Celebrating accomplishments can promote self-esteem and motivation. Appreciation can also contribute to […]

Find Comfort in Growth with Cyberbacker

Find Comfort in Growth with Cyberbacker

Find Comfort in Growth with Cyberbacker A great story begins with a character who is content in his or her current situation but still longs for something else. But for this to happen they must leave their familiar lives and enter the world of the unknown. It doesn’t matter if it’s a new city, school, […]

Cultivating Happiness

We typically go with the flow and let things like notifications, emails, co-worker distractions, and multiple meetings control our days. However, we frequently underestimate the extent to which they all affect our jobs and lives in general. Our job satisfaction is not solely determined by whether or not we enjoy what we do. It is […]

Better Together at Cyberbacker

As humans, we have an innate desire to belong and be connected to others. We’re wired to form and sustain personal connections. Our health, ability to adjust, and overall well-being can all be harmed by a lack of interpersonal ties. We can apply these realities to the workplace as well. People desire and require the […]

Reflecting On Breakthroughs

Even without having to think too hard, the year as a whole is certain to have a mix of positive and negative characteristics, as well as some good and helpful lessons to be learned. We could all agree that now is a good opportunity to set aside an hour or two to analyze and digest […]