Getting answers to frequently asked questions by our applicants

General Requirements

I don’t have a desktop, can I use my laptop for work?

Yes, you may use your laptop as long as it meets the following specifications:

  • CPU: Intel Core i3 / i5 / i7 or AMD equivalent is required
  • Windows 10 or MAC OS is acceptable
  • RAM: At least 4GB of RAM (8 GB is recommended) with 60GB free hard disk space available
  • Headphones with Noise Cancelling feature
  • High Definition Webcam

Do you hire applicants with no experience and fresh graduates?

Yes, entry-level positions are available for those with no work experience and fresh graduates!

What kind of headset do you require?

We require a noise-canceling headset with an extended microphone. (i.e. Audio 628 Stereo USB Headset, Logitech USB Headset H390, etc.)

I have no wired internet connection but my wireless connection is pretty stable. Can I use that instead?

We require a wired connection for stability and optimal speed. Ideally, DSL or Fiber Connection with at least 5 MBPS speed and your workstation work station must be connected through LAN/Ethernet cable

Can I use my smartphone/tablet as my back-up equipment?

Unfortunately, we cannot use smartphones or tablets as backup equipment as our tools and systems need to be accessed using a compute

What are the working hours for Cyberbacker?

We follow the US Mountain Time, however, this may vary as the schedule will depend on your client’s timezone and business hour needs. 

Do you have an age limit?

None, as long as you are of legal age, you’re welcome to apply.

Where are you located?

Our office is located in Ogden, Utah. But Cyberbacker offers permanent work-from-home opportunities, and everyone is welcome to work in the comfort of their home.

I want to apply but I have no computer?

Applicants are required to have their own equipment that matches our minimum requirements.

Do you accept applicants who have other work?

Cyberbacker does not accept applicants who are currently employed.

Do you accept applicants who have other work even if it's only for part-time?

Cyberbacker does not accept applicants who are currently employed.

What benefits does Cyberbacker provide?

  • The opportunity to earn dollars while working from home and jump start your freelancing career without prior experience. 
  • Profit Share opportunities are available which will be further discussed once hired, and weekly upskill training for personal career growth.

Do you accept applicants who have other work?

Cyberbacker does not accept applicants who are currently employed.

How much is the salary/service fee range?

The potential service fee of Cyberbacker can reach up to $1500/month!

I don't have a noise canceling headset, can I use a regular headset for the interview?

You may temporarily use a regular headset during your interview, but be mindful of the fact you will eventually need a noise cancelling headset once you’ve been hired.

I don't have an external webcam, can I use my built-in webcam for the interview?

You may temporarily use your laptop’s built-in webcam for your initial interview.

I haven’t received any email yet regarding my results.

Please provide us your full name, email address, and the name of your career consultant/interviewer so we can follow up your application.

Do you provide a social welfare system/government benefits to your applicants?

No, we don’t. You may apply for it as self-employed.

My typing speed is below 60 wpm, can I still apply?

60 wpm is preferred but you may still apply even if your typing speed is below 60 wpm.

When is the best time to apply? Take the initial interview?

Our interviews and assessments are 24/7. However, off-peak hours are between 1 am to 10 am Manila time