2022 Cyberbacker Goal: We’re Almost There!

Success does not simply happen. You’ll need to put in a lot of effort and commitment to achieve your company’s goals, and its people play a big part in it.


The most successful companies have motivated and engaged people that know how to communicate and collaborate to achieve their common goals. When making decisions, companies must keep in mind to create a culture of support and appreciation for their current team members to build a successful workforce.


Cyberbacker makes it a point for everyone to be aware of the company’s objectives and how to achieve them. Every cyberbacker has a clear grasp of the primary goal to grow and create more jobs for Filipinos. They foster trust in leadership, help develop strategic initiatives, and keep its people motivated.


Cyberbacker has been vocal about doubling the number of people in the company from 2000+ cyberbackers to 4,000 this 2022. It is somewhat a bold move for a company that started last 2018 through a permanent work-from-home set-up. You would think it’s impossible, but Cyberbacker started proving to us that it’s not.


At the Starting Point.

The beginning of this year pumped everyone’s goal-driven hearts because of the speed of Cyberbacker’s growth and the surge of the applications. “There’s no doubt that we will double the number of cyberbackers this year. The division was ready before 2022 started. We created projections aligned with the company’s goal.” – Em R., VP, Career Division.


An Effective Game Plan.

“Profit share,” says VP Em, after asking him what the best strategy helped the company almost reach its goal mid-year. “Everyone is building their retirement plan, and the unique ideas and suggestions from each cyberbacker helped a lot,” he adds. It is one example of how Relationship, one of the company’s core values, is evident, as Cyberbacker takes care of its people and vice-versa.


Cyberbacker is the Answer.

The growth of the company speaks for itself. Cyberbacker offers a Profit Share program credited to the service fee every month and covers the retirement plan. “I can confidently say that we are the best,” says VP Em, “which is just one of the few reasons you would want to consider being a cyberbacker this 2022,” he adds. 


There’s no stopping the company from growing. Everyone is aligned with the organization’s goals and engaged in their work. Cyberbacker provides full support on all training programs needed and makes them understand what is expected of them. By then, cyberbackers can know how their work fits into the big picture and exercise the skills and resources to succeed.


Cyberbacker’s goals are the destination, objectives are its road map, and milestones are the checkpoints that show the company is on the right track. It is noticeable how the company has come this far. As Cyberbacker consistently follows the measures and strategies, the company is hopeful that they can stay on track and keep everyone involved in their work all year long. We’re down to less than a thousand cyberbackers and heading towards the 2022 goal!