You’ve probably been or are still in a job where relationships are so conflicting. How are you holding up? Do you have the right reasons to endure? Or you’ve had enough and are ready to let go? Over the course of this pandemic, you may not have the luxury to move out of it. We totally understand, and that’s why our company exists to help you in the first place. Perhaps you’ve never heard about us before, but we’re here now. We’re here to help you transition into a new beginning and get you out of that unbearable place you’re currently in.  

Cyberbacker is all about relationships. We compromise. Take the time to get to know the people we work with. We have a one-of-a-kind culture that no other company has – One example is how accommodating our CEO is. CyberAmo Craig is always present from starting your journey with us to celebrating your achievements. He wanted to break the wall between him and the company’s people, promoting the building of positive relationships and interactions of comfort with less intimidation.

Since this is a virtual setup, at first I really didn’t expect to build any connections or relationships with the people I’ll be working with. But in just a short period of time, I gained another family,” says Marjorie M., Careerbacker.

Marjorie was in the corporate industry for over 10 years. She experienced and encountered several troubling types of personalities from business politics to distrust. It was evidently an unhealthy culture for her. Entering Cyberbacker amazed her because of how different the kind of culture was from that of where she was before. “Willingness,” she says, “that was the surprise for me that anyone would always be there to extend a helping hand, how easy and open our communication is to one another, and that at any time of the day, you’ll definitely get that support.”

You see, creating the best kinds of relationships at work takes time and energy, but surprisingly, in Cyberbacker, everything seems effortless. You don’t have to work hard to feel the need to fit in, because, in the beginning, you were assessed as someone whose culture fit to be in the company. You were made to be a Cyberbacker.

“I can definitely say that being part of Cyberbacker changed me a lot. I have been working as an OFW since 2012 and I got used to being alone. There’s no one I can count on but myself. Here in Cyberbacker, everyone makes sure that you will never feel unsupported. The statement “We are family here.” is a 100% LEGIT! I am now more open and accepting of any help or any feedback because I know that it’s their way of helping me grow and be the best version of myself.” – Marjorie M.

Developing relationships is not natural or easy for a lot of people. And because it is such a simple, common-sense concept, most people hesitate to admit that it could be a problem. They make assumptions that they already know how to do it. In Cyberbacker, we don’t let you get caught in that trap because we believe that everyone can enhance their talents in this crucial area, including the most outgoing and engaging individuals.

Cyberbacker continuously promotes the building of positive relationships because we know it can help you get more jobs done and be more efficient. You’ll be happier at work, and so will those around you.

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